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Dongguan Liangyou Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise specializing in the production and sales of automatic bar feeders. Long-term commitment to the supporting services of domestic and foreign brands of CNC lathes and automatic cam lathes. The automatic bar feeder produced by our company is suitable for various lathes. The product has the characteristics of high technology content, fast material change speed, convenient operation, etc., powerful The technical strength of the company enables the company to have the overall strength of independent research and development, design, production and service, with obvious advancement and professionalism. Several models of products currently produced have been sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia, and are widely used in precision hardware, electronic instruments, medical equipment, equipment, textile machinery and other hardware processing fields. The automatic bar feeder has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, high efficiency, and good stability, which can increase the efficiency of your lathe by 40%. Reduce labor costs by 70% and maximize the productivity of your lathe.
The company will take "quality first, reputation first" as the eternal theme, adhere to the development of science and technology, continue to develop new products, and resolutely maintain a good after-sales service system. The company is willing to work hand in hand with our customers with first-class quality, first-class service and first-class reputation to create a magnificent blueprint together.

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