Common faults of centrifuge feeder

Equipment in the operation will inevitably appear some failures, centrifuge feeding machine is not another.
Common troubleshooting methods:
A centrifuge feeder feeding error
1. Check whether the pressure of the press plate is uniform and adjust the pressure of the loosening device.
2. If the feeding mechanism is pneumatic relaxation, check whether the pressure of the air compressor is really normal.
3. Check whether the coil material fed by the material frame is on the same horizontal line with the feeder and mold.
Two. Sudden error occurs when feeding by centrifuge feeder
1. Whether the leveling machine is matched with the NC feeder, or whether the middle distance between the leveling machine and the feeder, the height of the material arc and the speed of the punch are appropriate.
2. Tighten the belt properly and check whether the length, width and thickness of the coiling material are standard.
Three. The loosening device of the centrifuge feeder is not smooth
1. Check whether the positioning pin in the mold is normal, carefully check and correct.
2. The feeding direction is offset, check whether the working direction is correct or not, and whether the mold is normal.
3. The eccentric shaft and the loosening shaft lose oil and get stuck, use oil to clean and add butter.

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