Explain the characteristics of lathe feeder with you

Lathe feeder in the technical efficiency and processing precision has a qualitative leap, due to the use of advanced technology, greatly reduce the production and processing cycle time, the central lathe feeder material part can be configured automatic feeder, to achieve "one more machine" processing mode, both save human resources, and reduce management costs. Lathe material control machine is widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts, communication, refrigeration, optics, home appliances, micro-electronics and other industries. What are the characteristics of the lathe feeder?
1. Large amount of material preparation can realize continuous feeding without stopping the machine;
2. Simple structure and low price;
3. Long feeding length, easy to operate, good stability, bar material without wear, less operation faults, long service life;
4. Simplified structure, safe production and durable;
5. Adopt movable foot seat, the fuselage is fixed fast and convenient;
6. Shockproof structure, reduce environmental noise, reduce vibration, improve the working speed.
Dongguan Liangyou Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of automatic bar feeder technology enterprises. Long-term commitment to the domestic and foreign brands of CNC lathe and automatic CAM lathe supporting services, the main products are axial feeder, automatic lathe feeder, bar feeder, lathe feeder, and other products, strong technical force make the company has the independent research and development, design, production and service of the overall strength, has obvious advanced and professional. At present, the production of several models of products, has been sold well all over the country and Southeast Asia, widely used in precision hardware, electronic instruments, medical instruments, equipment, textile machinery and other hardware processing field. Automatic bar feeder has: low noise, small vibration, high efficiency, good stability and other characteristics, so that your lathe efficiency increased by 40%, labor costs reduced by 70%, give full play to the maximum productivity of your lathe.

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