How to improve the processing efficiency of the overall solution?

With the rapid development of science and technology, CNC machining center as the basic equipment of manufacturing system, has now been used by many enterprises, people are concerned about it has become the production and processing efficiency. Of course, we can not say that with the processing CNC equipment, the production and processing efficiency of enterprises will be very high. So how can we improve the overall solution of processing efficiency of enterprises?
Now many enterprises processing department actual working time is less than the normal work of 55%, but in fact, the production efficiency of CNC equipment is a lot of room for improvement, how to improve the processing efficiency of enterprises as a whole solution has become a problem that many enterprises discuss together. In the application of FMS, the factors that affect the production efficiency are various.
What plays a greater role in production is the process. Many enterprises pay less attention to it, and some units even ignore the design of the process or the preparation of the process guidance. This makes the actual production process to spend a long time to modify and adjust, so that greatly reduce the processing efficiency. In order to improve the overall solution of machining efficiency, optimizing the automatic generation process is an extremely important and difficult problem to be solved satisfactorily. In the actual is often rely on technical personnel experience and knowledge product, in the actual work impractical to rely on technical personnel's experience and knowledge accumulation, thus to オ pay attention to the training of this technology.
Modern processing equipment is more and more high science and technology content, the quality of personnel requirements are more and more high. If the operation is not skilled then the processing efficiency will be reduced. The overall solution to improve the processing efficiency of an enterprise is closely related to the management level of the whole enterprise. To improve the processing efficiency, it is necessary to study and apply scientific production management, and pay more attention to the management of the production site.

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