High rotation axle manufacturers take you to know the oil mist collector

Do you know the oil mist collecting machine? Today, the manufacturer of high rotation axis will tell you what is the oil mist collecting machine. It is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment installed on all kinds of machine tools to collect and purify pollutants such as oil mist, water mist and dust produced in the operation. Because it has many advantages, it is widely used by people.
1. Oil mist collector adopts multi-stage and multi-layer filtering principle to collect the smoke in the process of processing.
2. the appearance of the paint using the production process of plate gold, plastic spray treatment, durable products are relatively easy to clean, there will be no fading, peeling like.
3. When the oil mist collector is running, the red ball will float upward until it is absorbed to the top. If the equipment is shut down, the red ball will sink to the bottom. After running for some time, the filter cotton absorbs impurities into the oil mist. When the suction of the oil mist collector drops to 70%, the red ball will drop to the bottom, indicating the need to clean the filter cotton.
4. The vibration accuracy of the oil mist collector is related to the qualified rate of the production parts. All the products have been fully checked and recorded the measured air volume data, vibration accuracy, current and voltage, noise, equipment number and other relevant data.
5. The stability of the motor is a key component of the whole equipment, and all the data should be strictly tested.
6. All parts and components of the product are pressed and formed by the die.
7. oil mist collector, considering the use of filter cotton length will be to the user operation cost increase, so the high axial manufacturer to tell you, generally USES the filter cotton use time 2-3 years, during which clean sustainable use, so don't worry about the cost, and operability, filter cotton cleaning program is single, as long as can be done according to the cleaning procedures manual.
After the explanation of the high rotation central shaft manufacturer, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the oil mist collector. If you want to know more about the oil mist collector, please pay attention to us!

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